Bark River in/out at Burnt Village Park

Flow at gauge 05426250 Bark River near Rome: 105 cfs (median ~72 cfs)

Put in/take out: Burnt Village Park, which has a decent concrete ramp and good parking (and, as of summer 2017, a porta-john!)

The trip: In at 3:25 PM, out at 5:30 PM. The weather was cloudy, occasional light sprinkles. Turned around after 3 to 3 1/2 miles upstream. We took a side trip into Whitewater Creek because we were able to get under the footbridge and there were no immediate obstructions. We paddled about a quarter mile up the creek.

Wildlife: saw many heron, an eagle, oriole, swallows, jumping fish, muskrats, turtle, eastern kingbird? Heard an owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.

Crawfish River North of I 94.

Flow at Milford gauge 05426000: 650 cfs (median 270 cfs)

Put in/take out: Olson Road 1 mile down stream from Highway 19 bridge. Room to park on the shoulder of a short lane. Easy in/out temperature in the 70s

The trip: In at 4:30 PM downstream for 3.5 miles. Turned around 5:50 PM. Out at 7 PM. Minimal current. Headwind made it hard to paddle downstream at times. Tailwind going upstream helped. River very wide and open. No shade. Big RV park at start. More remote after RV park,and the surroundings look prettier where we turned around.

Wildlife: heron, swallows. On the drive to Watertown to check out a possible put-in (no good prospects), we saw cranes, deer and turkeys in a field.

Ice House Femtilla

We won the Ice House Getaway in the River Alliance Auction. Actually, we were outbid at the very last second of furious bidding, but the Alliance director Denny Caneff got permission from owners Frank and Marianna Weinhold to allow two winners that year. The Weinholds let us invite a few well-behaved women paddlers to land at their private beach on Louis Bluff.

Flow at gauge 0540400 WI River near WI Dells: 6500 cfs (median for this date ~4000). 7 days earlier when we had picked up the key and checked out the beach, the flow was 26000 cfs! The beach was submerged that day, but there was a sliver of sand for us to land on a week later. Marianna told us that the water had been so high for a gathering they had hosted a few weeks earlier that they actually paddled the boats into the woods to land.

A group of 7 boats put in at the beautiful Two Rivers public landing at the mouth of the Lemonweir River. We paddled around a spectacular bluff into the Wisconsin River and floated to Louis Bluff on a perfect sunny afternoon after a vicious storm the previous night. The trip was about 5 miles and took about 2.5 hours. At the end, some of us paddled around in the sloughs at the north end of the bluff. We had a pitch-in picnic in the gazebo and some of us climbed the bluff to the south lookout afterward.

Illinois Fox River at Big Bend, WI

This trip is a segment of Illinois Fox River 1 in Mike Svob’s book.
Flow at Waukesha gauge 05543830: 101 csf (median for this date 43csf)
Left at 4pm. 1.5 hour drive from Madison to Big Bend Village Park which has a nice concrete boat ramp and plenty of parking.
1 hour to unload boats, find bathroom. Floyd E Swayze Memorial Center(Lions Club) is next to the landing, but it is unclear if it is public or private. Mobil Gas Station is 0.5 miles.
In water 6:20. Turned around just past golf course, approx 2 mi from put-in. Slow current, no blockages or grounding. Water clear but lots of duckweed.
Saw ducks and swallows-not much else. Heard cranes. Pretty and quiet. Encountered family of kids and dad and fishing boat. Very cloudy. Dewpoint 72. Out at 8 o’clock in darkness.

with J&K.

Trask Bridge first foray

Started at Trask Bridge and went right upstream for 1 hour.

Water level good but had to watch for obstacles. Wide river. Beautiful and remote.

cfs 595 slightly higher for median on this day.

No boats seen but one wave runner buzzed by politely.

Wildlife: heron, cedar waxwings, finches. We thought we saw 3 turkeys but they were raccoons out for a drink on a Friday night.

It’s a beautiful ride home to Madison up 73 and 104 (and we didn’t run out of gas – whew).

This trip was after sculpture maintenance and before Skype call with Singapore.

Bark River at Prince’s Point

We paddled while our houseguests J&K attended a wedding.
Flow at gage 05426250 Bark River near Rome: 43 csf. (Median for this date: 50 csf)
Princes point to “Palmyra” after island turn around. Saw heron, muskrat, ducks, kingfisher, yellow finch, cranes and mystery bird plus lots of plover, red-winged blackbirds, mourning doves. Water was nice level. Scary fast boats are not common, but we did encounter one that day.

Fox River – Princeton

This was our first of many visits to the Fox River north of Princeton

Flow at gauge 04073500 Fox River at Berlin: 1450 cfs (median for this date 780 cfs)

Put in/take out at end of St. Marie Road (no concrete ramp but easy put in and room to park a few cars – no facilities) Went right, upstream (which is south because the Fox flows north) to Highway 23 bridge in Princeton by city park and ice cream shop, then back downstream. Beautiful quiet 1.5-hour paddle, through mostly wooded wild surroundings, under an interesting old railroad bridge that used to swivel. Water fairly high.

Wildlife: lots of kingfishers, one eagle, cranes

Afterward drove to Montello to have dinner and hear Joy play at More Healthy Food.

Fox River – Short Paddle from O Bridge

This area is a section of Fox River 1 in Paddling Southern Wisconsin

Flow at Berlin gauge 04073500: 1760 cfs (median 850 cfs)

Put in/take out at County Highway O bridge. There is room to park, no bathrooms. High water. Windy start. Turned into perfect day. Many paddlers.

Afterwards we went to look at Mecan River (probably not for us) and Princeton, WI launches.