Dear Bark River, we are worried about you…

Burnt Village Park – Upstream and Back – July 1, 2017

We decided to paddle the Bark after several days of rain and to not wait until any later in the season because of a disappointing experience last summer when we found the river, which we always said “never disappoints,” too slimed over to even attempt. It was a nice day Continue reading Dear Bark River, we are worried about you…

Bark River at Prince’s Point

We paddled while our houseguests J&K attended a wedding.
Flow at gage 05426250 Bark River near Rome: 43 csf. (Median for this date: 50 csf)
Princes point to “Palmyra” after island turn around. Saw heron, muskrat, ducks, kingfisher, yellow finch, cranes and mystery bird plus lots of plover, red-winged blackbirds, mourning doves. Water was nice level. Scary fast boats are not common, but we did encounter one that day.

Prince’s Point parking lot was flooded!

At flow 249 cfs water was high but not highest, but maybe our highest.

We paddled with Gene and Susan. I amidst buy/sell of their Maple Bluff home.

Prince’s Point parking lot was flooded!

Young men were bow fishing from two truck beds in the parking lot.

It’s about 1 hour drive from Madison. Water so high, Bark River Road was closed due to flooding.

River currents were not scary but flooding made it hard to find the main channel sometimes. Due to time and concern about the return river path, we had a shorter paddle than usual. Perfect for Susan though.

Thistle plants so were quite pretty. We saw white egret.

Burnt Village upstream and back – just us

Flow was 130 cfs (“normal” flow range); the mean is 107 cfs.

Level seemed high and there was water standing on sides of bark River Road

In at 5:20 out at 7 o’clock

We saw an eagle and nest at turn-round 9just passed radio towers and red barn heading upstream0. Also spied some great blue heron, wallows, robins, yellow finches, kingfisher, plover, redwing blackbird, and sandhill crane. Saw oriole in same tree up and back calling to another oriole across the river. Deb saw a large bird at end of trip probably an owl, since we heard hooting from the area.

Puttering paddle

A “just us” paddle on the Bark

We went round-trip downstream (left) from Burnt Village and back – about halfway to the Rock River.

Sort of a “putter” of a trip.

We saw an eagle! Also spied turtles, heron, kingfisher, woodpecker, swallows, and fish. Saw fresh water clam shells. Kingfisher was always ahead of us – teasing Mary with camera. Finally got an image or two. A fun chase.

Met a nice young man at the end of ride who lives nearby. Talked with him about eagles and other chitchat.

No blockages – water OK but low in spots, luckily not on the main channel.

Unusual mistake – sun was already set at take-out

We were determined to go up Bark from Prince’s Point but could not get through on in spite of high water. Where is it? Abandoned plan – went up Scuppernong. We were able to go left in “pretty area “instead of “ditch“ at turnaround point.

Saw many birds we did not know including dark bird/brown necklace.

We waited too long to return. There were scary speedy fishing boats in dusk. It turned out okay, but take out was dark. We hit a mosquito swarm when we packed car. At beginning of the excursion we heard repeated gunshots. Might have been a festival of some sort. We think there is a gun club nearby.

Flow was 157 cfs – lower than last week.