Paddling under bridge to say hello to the White River

Burnt Village upstream & back 2023

The Bark River is a good choice when it’s windy and also when water levels are low. We are so happy that water is clearer and seemingly healthier than it was for awhile.

The Launch

Burnt Village Park in Fort Atkinson has a nice launch with facilities and parking. We entered the water and turned right which is upstream.

The Paddle

It was a nice paddle with nothing remarkable except the water was clearer than we have seen it for a long time. We ventured into the White River for just a tiny bit; that water is even clearer and you can see lots of fish swimming about.

It was calm water. Water was low, but not too low. We paddled upstream for about 90 min; the return took us a little less than an hour. We don’t remember taking Gene and Susan on this no-shuttle paddle before.

On the way home we stopped at a farm stand and got a delicious melon and some okay corn.

Streamflow: Bark River at Rome 34 cfs, approx 25th percentile, median about 49

Wildlife: It was nice to see cedar wax wings. We heard an owl that was hooting like it was distressed. Also saw great blue heron, Eastern kingbirds, various fish, turtles, frogs.

The Photos