About Quiet Paddling Wisconsin

This is the paddling diary of two women who like to paddle quiet water. We were writing our trip notes in the book Paddling Southern Wisconsin and a supplemental binder. Over time, the pages of our favorite waterways ran out of margin room for notes; then the book was republished; then someone else published a book. It got too confusing to keep track. We outgrew the method we were using so we started this blog. We are writing for ourselves and for our friends, but we hope others might stumble upon it to find it helpful as well.

Yes, we avoid portaging like the plague and no riffles for us.  Basically if the guys on the popular websites like it, we don’t. If they call it too tame / boring, we start to investigate. Rivers and lakes provide enough to observe, enjoy and experience without swift water “adventures”.

We live in Madison, Wisconsin and 99.99% of these are one day trips from our location.

Beautiful days on calm water.