Paddle around Astico Park – first time

Inspired by posts in the Facebook group Paddle Wisconsin, we decided to try parts of the Crawfish River we hadn’t realized were canoeable. So, after researching various options on, we set out for Astico Park near Columbus for a no-shuttle paddle and a bit of recon on a warm sunny late June afternoon. An added bonus – we can get there in about 40 minutes from Madison, as opposed to the minimum 1-hour drive required to get to most places we paddle.

After a 40 minute drive via US 151, we arrived at Astico County Park entrance off County TT. We drove through the park before launching and noted that it was quiet and not crowded. This was a Wednesday, and we wondered if the situation would be quite different on a weekend with more people and more beer. We made note of some scenic picnic sites for future reference – perhaps a mid-week picnic dinner and short paddle in the early fall.

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Paddle Pass for Upham Woods Canoe Launch

Back Story / The Bad News

Back in October 2018 we wanted to paddle around Blackhawk Island when we could be sure we would not encounter Dells Boats in the narrow channel. We knew that Upham Woods (a UW facility) had erected a fence at the launch site on Highway N, but locals had told us it was OK to just go around it – so we did. (see relevant post) It was serene and lovely, and we were ready to do the same paddle the following year but found the fence now plastered with many “NO TRESPASSING” Continue reading Paddle Pass for Upham Woods Canoe Launch