Reconnaissance: Turtle Creek Carvers Rock launch

After our nice paddle, we checked out Carvers Rock launch. It was unfortunately dark, the sun had set, but we still think it probably is not for us.

Parking for this launch is on the street which was “busy enough”. There is an awkward driveway into the launch where it did not feel safe to hover.

This is the only photo we took – kind of a pathetic launch. (Would it be so hard to make it nice and useable for different abilities?) The orange-ish color we believe is dirt not rock.

Maybe seeing it in the daylight would bring us to a different conclusion, but there are enough other landings that are much nicer, so we would be unlikely to use this one.

Mashup quotes from the Facebook group (an invaluable resource)

Walk boats down along the NW side (of the bridge) to a great launch. Park on the SW side and please don’t block the driveways at your gear drop. Folks (in the neighborhood) don’t mind the access, they mind not getting out of their own homes. after you drop gear, go across and park on the right.

Make sure not to block the driveways. There is plenty of room to park on the shoulder on the east side of the street too.