Familiar place, different direction Fox River at Princeton

Our friend was interested in trying out the new differently-abled accessible boat launch recently installed at the park in Princeton. We were curious about this device as well, and we thought this would also be an opportunity to try paddling upstream from the landing.

We’ve done the segment between Princeton and the White River Locks a number of times, but we’ve never gone the other way. Continue reading Familiar place, different direction Fox River at Princeton

The Opposite of Last Week’s Sugar River Paddle

Last week we paddled the Sugar from Albany to Sweet Minihaha Campground with hundreds of tubers. This week, paddling upstream from Avon Bridge (Station #5) and back, we had the river to ourselves.

On a beautiful early September Saturday, we decided to check out another segment of the Sugar River Canoe Trail. Continue reading The Opposite of Last Week’s Sugar River Paddle

Dodging the Tubers on the Sugar River 2019

The day was sunny, in the mid 70’s with little wind when we paddled Sugar River Station 11a to 10. We knew we would share the river with some tubers, but we underestimated their numbers. Fortunately, they were well-behaved for the most part, even though a lot of alcohol was being consumed. One set of tubers had an inflatable bull to ride. Continue reading Dodging the Tubers on the Sugar River 2019

Mirror Lake Sludgy Start 2019

Traditionally our first paddle of the season is Mirror Lake into Del-boo creek with hopes of seeing sandhill cranes nesting. Our usual put-in is the city ramp but the water was very low and there was too much algae to venture in without stepping in it. We went “up the road a piece” to another less-developed ramp but it too was unacceptable. Thus and so we went into Mirror Lake State Park and launched from there. The algae was minimal.

Later in the season the lake gets too algae and invasive weed infested. We were alarmed that in April it had already begun attacking the waterway.

Put-in (first tries sludgy)

The Paddle

Once Launched we turned left toward the dam. The area was not as pretty as usual as far as water quality but it was a nice day and we accomplished our goal of getting warmed up for the season.



Devils Lake (First and probably last time)

Most residents in Wisconsin have a fond enthusiasm for Devils Lake State Park. Maybe since we didn’t grow up here in the dairy state we don’t have the same dreamy associations. So to start getting to know this area a bit, we decided to paddle the circumference of the lake. The summer of 2018 was a time of flooding and high water that made many of our lovely rivers inadvisable to be upon.

One thing you will love – no gas motor boats are allowed! Continue reading Devils Lake (First and probably last time)