Yahara River Upstream from Fish Camp (first time)

We decided to take advantage of a spectacular fall afternoon and explore a nearby section of the Yahara River that we had not tried before. The entire Yahara River from Lake Waubesa to Lake Kegonsa, including Lower Mud Lake, is no-wake. We didn’t come across any boats that were scoffing at the no-wake rule – very relaxing. Continue reading Yahara River Upstream from Fish Camp (first time)

Skokie Lagoons (First time!)

Deb’s sister-in-law declared a goal to paddle the Skokie Lagoons which is north of Chicago. Our friends Jeanne and Katia live close by and the weekend we were driving through we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law could not join us but we are determined to help her achieve this achievable goal. Continue reading Skokie Lagoons (First time!)

Wingra Creek on the Fourth of July

Wingra Creek is a pleasant urban paddle in Madison. We usually try it once a year. If the water is too high, it can be difficult to get through the first railroad bridge; the water is too strong and fast and there is always deadfall to contend with. Sometimes the water is too low and the boat hits the creek bottom which causes an abandoned trip. The waterway can also suffer from invasive plants and algae making the experience extremely unpleasant. This year we were hoping that it would be “just right.” To be sure of our hunch, we Continue reading Wingra Creek on the Fourth of July