Bridge over Lake Monomin (Chain of Lakes, WI)

Hartman Creek State Park – Recon

Inspired by a social media post, we decided to check out the Chain O’ Lakes area “some day.” Serendipitously, a need for some special cheese instigated a look-see. The game was afoot!

The Cheese

Blue Marble Jack cheeseHow can a reconnaissance trip start with cheese? Well, this is Wisconsin after all.

Deb’s six-year old grand-niece happens to love the Blue Marble Jack cheese that was commonly available at the Mousehouse Cheese store north of Madison. Recently, not only was there none to be found, but the staff insisted they had never sold it there (wrong!) Mary dived into an investigation and found that we could get it a couple of hours north at  Weber’s Farm Store which is associated with the maker Nasonville Dairy. Yes, Marshfield, WI is pretty far to go for some cheese that you can buy online. But if we “did other things” we figured it was justified. We were overdue for a car trip with the pandemic keeping us at home.

The Paddle Recon

The only feasible put in (other than landings on private business property) seems to be the Knight Lane Landing. There is a sizeable parking lot which reportedly fills up quickly in good paddling weather. Parking is allowed along the north side of Knight Lane. A state park sticker is required. Porta-johns are available.

links I found quickly… (needs editing,  decided to publish as is.)

Marl Lake is a beautiful glacial lake which appears to be accessible by paddling from the Knight Lane Landing through Manomin and Pope Lakes. This shows the put-in and some of the lakes to the Crystal.

October Silliness …

A “field trip” – Necedah Wildlife Area

For some reason we wanted three activities on this  journey.  The original idea  for our third activity was to visit the annual Birds in Art exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson museum in Wausau, but that plan was thwarted by the closure of the museum as of the day we were planning to visit (due to spiking Covid cases). We are members of The International Crane Foundation and knew that that Necedah is integral to the survival of these special endangered birds. It was on our route, so a perfect opportunity to visit.

We arrived late. The impressive welcome center was closed due to COVID. But we were able to take a 1/2 mile walk on a beautiful path.

The inspiration – a Facebook post

Screenshot of Facebook post