Burnt Village – Upstream and Back

The Bark River never disappoints-always canoeable regardless of the water level or wind, always offering plenty of wildlife sightings. This trip was on a cloudy  Saturday afternoon with light sprinkles, temp in the low 70’s.


105 cfs (“normal”) at Rome gauge #05426250. Median for June 13 is around 75 cfs.


Burnt Village Park on County Rd N which has a decent concrete ramp and good parking (and, as of summer 2017, a porta-john!) In at 3:25, out at 5:30.

The Paddle:

Upstream for 3-3.5 mi. On the way back we paddled up Whitewater Creek, which enters about a mile from the put-in.  We were able to get under the footbridge and there were no immediate obstructions. We paddled about a quarter mile up the creek before it was too obstructed to continue.


many great blue heron, an eagle (we almost always see an eagle on this section), oriole, swallows, muskrats, turtle, jumping fish, eastern flycatcher.  Heard but not seen: owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.