Prince’s Point to Burnt Village with some friends

We saw a flock of egrets in field on Bark River Road so we stopped to look. Gene and Susan were following us – wondered why we stopped.

There were lots of heron on the river. There were pretty reflections.

Due to high water, we had to go around downed trees which was okay. We could not get under the bridge to Whitewater Creek.

Susan, Gene and Phyllis were our paddling companions.

Flow was 177 cfs.

Burnt Village to Rock River – high water and wind

Water was very high. We tested paddling upstream; it was still comfortable because the river is a flood plane it overflows its banks and doesn’t rage.

Marked on USGS as black high. The downed tree was not a problem because we could paddle right around it. This tree will be blocking when water level subside. Gene and Susan checked out the tricky parts for us

Very windy day but the Bark did not disappoint!

Chilly rainy but yummy paddle

Record cool high temperatures and rain did not stop us from getting out on the river.

Start at 4 PM out at 7 PM

Met a chatty father and son at put in. Water level okay 97 cfs Bark River Road.

We ate tarts from La Baguette on the river, also had Potter’s crackers.

Judy was startled by large jumping catfish. We saw lots of herons, kingfisher, vultures, blue pintail(?) duck, killdeer, mink, cranes – and great danes!

Paddled with CandyCandace and Judy.

Prince’s Point meander

Paddled to White Water bridge upstream on Scuppernong, then down Bark river about a mile then back up stream to put in at Prince’s Point.

The river was fairly low. Several dead trees in water to maneuver around. Bark blocked by trees just upstream from put in. Saw one heron, several goldfinches, muskrats, big fish, and loud froggy.

Flow of 46 cfs.
Total time on water 1.75 hours

2006 two paddle notes

These notes were written in the margins of our old paddle book.


Paddled with Gene and Susan to the Milwaukee Street take out (Rock River). Approx 2.5 hr. Had to portage around log about mile 2. Saw cranes overhead and heron. Flow at Rome 86 cfs (mean 65, max 200, min 8.5)


With Jeanne and Katia. 6.5 miles to town. Take out about 3 hours. Flow 133 cfs.

First time on Bark River

There isn’t much record of our first paddle – we have gotten more verbose over time. I do know it was July 2002 – one of our earliest paddles! It took 2.5-3hrs to go from Burnt Village to the Rock River. Since it was just the two of us, we must have shuttled our own car did a bike shuttle.

We had a memorable picnic. In retrospect, it might have been on private property. It was a nice sunny day.

Water level was low.