Trask Bridge Quick trip

Pretty, late fall paddle

Started at Trask Bridge and went right upstream. In 5:15. Turn around after 1.5 miles. Out: 6:40. Temperature 70 and sunny.

cfs Freeport 675 slightly higher for median on this date. Do not try upstream above this flow. Current is as strong as we can handle.

No boats. No deadfall. Occasional branches or sticking up. River is wide, no problem going around.

Wildlife: herons, turtle, swallows, woodpecker, geese, duck, kingfisher.

Electronic gates were closed when we drove out but we were able to get them open. whew.

Checked out put-in at Pecatonica River Forest Preserve. Looks good.

This trip was after sculpture maintenance and before Skype call with Singapore.

Fox River at Lock Rd

Thursday afternoon paddle D&M 82 degrees
This trip is a section of Fox River 2 in Paddling Southern Wisconsin
Flow at Berlin gauge 04073500: 758 cfs (median for this day 700 cfs)
Lv Madison 3:30 PM, put in 4:55, take out 7:15, ar Madison 9:15.

Put in/take out at end of Lock Road, off Huckleberry Rd. Excellent landing with concrete ramp and dock and plenty of parking but no bathrooms.

The trip: downstream for one hour, approx 2 mi. Upstream 1 hour 20 minutes. At least part of this section goes through White River Marsh State Wildlife Area. According to the map, we passed the entry of White River, but we did not identify it. The scenery was pleasant but not as pretty as the Princeton to Lock Rd section. Water level was fine, with no grounding, no blockages, no riffles/rapids. The current is slow so paddling upstream is easy.

Wildlife: many heron, kingfishers, turtles, swallows, ?fly catcher, jumping fish, hawk, plover, one squirrel.
Didn’t identify and treat of white river. Pleasant scenery but not as pretty as Princeton to lock Road section.

Looking for the dam Fox River, White River Park

Fox River: figuring out the mystery of the White River Lock and Dam

We left from the east side of Madison and took US 151 to WI 73.  For the return route, we decided to go WI 23 through Montello, which is about the same time and distance but a slightly prettier drive in my opinion. Also, More Healthy Foods is in Montello. Continue reading Looking for the dam Fox River, White River Park

Ennis Lake 2015

The Setting: Afternoon paddle before Friday evening dinner and Celtic music at More Health Foods in Montello, which is close to Ennis Lake. We carpooled with DD and LN who went for a late afternoon hike around the lake while we paddled.

Put in/Take out: there is a ramp and dock in John Muir Memorial County Park at the west end of the lake.

The Paddle: leisurely one-hour paddle on this serene isolated lake with clear water very sparkly in the late afternoon sun (see video). DD, who had not canoed for years, accepted an invitation to paddle around with Deb for awhile before we packed up and headed for Montello to have dinner and hear Granuaile, a Celtic trio composed of Joy, Linda and Rory. Driving home on this clear night, Venus and Jupiter were visible close together next to the crescent moon.

Burnt Village – Upstream and Back

The Bark River never disappoints-always canoeable regardless of the water level or wind, always offering plenty of wildlife sightings. This trip was on a cloudy  Saturday afternoon with light sprinkles, temp in the low 70’s.


105 cfs (“normal”) at Rome gauge #05426250. Median for June 13 is around 75 cfs.


Burnt Village Park on County Rd N which has a decent concrete ramp and good parking (and, as of summer 2017, a porta-john!) In at 3:25, out at 5:30.

The Paddle:

Upstream for 3-3.5 mi. On the way back we paddled up Whitewater Creek, which enters about a mile from the put-in.  We were able to get under the footbridge and there were no immediate obstructions. We paddled about a quarter mile up the creek before it was too obstructed to continue.


many great blue heron, an eagle (we almost always see an eagle on this section), oriole, swallows, muskrats, turtle, jumping fish, eastern flycatcher.  Heard but not seen: owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.