Burnt Village – Upstream and Back

The Setting: the Bark River never disappoints-always canoeable regardless of the water level or wind, always offering plenty of wildlife sightings. This trip was on a cloudy¬† Saturday afternoon with light sprinkles, temp in the low 70’s.

Water Level: 105 cfs (“normal”) at Rome gauge #05426250. Median for June 13 is around 75 cfs.

Put-in/Take-out: Burnt Village Park on County Rd N where there is a usable, if somewhat crumbling concrete boat ramp, no facilities. In at 3:25, out at 5:30.

The Paddle: Upstream for 3-3.5 mi. On the way back we paddled up Whitewater Creek, which enters about a mile from the put-in, for about 1/4 mi before it was too obstructed to continue.

Wildlife: many great blue heron, an eagle (we almost always see an eagle on this section), oriole, swallows, muskrats, turtle, jumping fish, eastern flycatcher.  Heard but not seen: owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.

Bark River in/out at Burnt Village Park

Flow at gauge 05426250 Bark River near Rome: 105 cfs (median ~72 cfs)

Put in/take out: Burnt Village Park, which has a decent concrete ramp and good parking (and, as of summer 2017, a porta-john!)

The trip: In at 3:25 PM, out at 5:30 PM. The weather was cloudy, occasional light sprinkles. Turned around after 3 to 3 1/2 miles upstream. We took a side trip into Whitewater Creek because we were able to get under the footbridge and there were no immediate obstructions. We paddled about a quarter mile up the creek.

Wildlife: saw many heron, an eagle, oriole, swallows, jumping fish, muskrats, turtle, eastern kingbird? Heard an owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.

Trask Bridge first foray

Started at Trask Bridge and went right upstream for 1 hour.

Water level good but had to watch for obstacles. Wide river. Beautiful and remote.

cfs 595 slightly higher for median on this day.

No boats seen but one wave runner buzzed by politely.

Wildlife: heron, cedar waxwings, finches. We thought we saw 3 turkeys but they were raccoons out for a drink on a Friday night.

It’s a beautiful ride home to Madison up 73 and 104 (and we didn’t run out of gas – whew).

This trip was after sculpture maintenance and before Skype call with Singapore.

Six Mile Creek

This was the second time we paddled Six Mile Creek The water was much higher. We got over the first blackage at last! Unfortunately just to find there was a second blockage that could not be navigated around by boat (chain saw needed). One could portage around it but our guest paddler PD preferred not to.

PD was in a kayak and the weeds were bothersome because of friction and catching the paddle canoe was ok through the weedy invasives which area located before going under the bridge.

Wildlife: heron, ducks and ?a drark bird also seen on the Scuppernong.

Time required: 3 hours door to door

Baraboo River Wonewoc


Put-in to Baraboo River at Wonewoc (state road 33 near state road FF) – seem to remember it was a city boat ramp. Paddled upstream 2.5 miles. On river 4pm, off 7pm Home 9pm

The Paddle:

Left Madison at 2:00. On river at 4:00. Upstream approx 2.5 mi. Off river at 7:00.

Lots of maneuvering but OK. Tricky passage under County Rd FF bridge with riffles-stay west. Deb recalls quite a bit of dead-fall and being nervous about the return trip downstream and that we did OK but it would have been scarier if the water had been any higher.

The river was narrow and especially pretty at the point where we turned around. There were some nice sandstone cliff formations after halfway point. Especially pretty on the turn around so it was sad to end there.

We wrote this note: “tricky under bridge/ riffles – stay west”


Lots of heron, evidence of beaver. saw frog and bird with crown and also a large black bird.


521 csf. Median for this day 245 cfs

Info resources:

This trip is a segment of Baraboo River I in Paddling Southern Wisconsin