Puttering paddle

A “just us” paddle on the Bark

We went round-trip downstream (left) from Burnt Village and back – about halfway to the Rock River.

Sort of a “putter” of a trip.

We saw an eagle! Also spied turtles, heron, kingfisher, woodpecker, swallows, and fish. Saw fresh water clam shells. Kingfisher was always ahead of us – teasing Mary with camera. Finally got an image or two. A fun chase.

Met a nice young man at the end of ride who lives nearby. Talked with him about eagles and other chitchat.

No blockages – water OK but low in spots, luckily not on the main channel.

Unusual mistake – sun was already set at take-out

We were determined to go up Bark from Prince’s Point but could not get through on in spite of high water. Where is it? Abandoned plan – went up Scuppernong. We were able to go left in “pretty area “instead of “ditch“ at turnaround point.

Saw many birds we did not know including dark bird/brown necklace.

We waited too long to return. There were scary speedy fishing boats in dusk. It turned out okay, but take out was dark. We hit a mosquito swarm when we packed car. At beginning of the excursion we heard repeated gunshots. Might have been a festival of some sort. We think there is a gun club nearby.

Flow was 157 cfs – lower than last week.

Six Mile Creek

This was the second time we paddled Six Mile Creek The water was much higher. We got over the first blackage at last! Unfortunately just to find there was a second blockage that could not be navigated around by boat (chain saw needed). One could portage around it but our guest paddler PD preferred not to.

PD was in a kayak and the weeds were bothersome because of friction and catching the paddle canoe was ok through the weedy invasives which area located before going under the bridge.

Wildlife: heron, ducks and ?a drark bird also seen on the Scuppernong.

Time required: 3 hours door to door

Chilly rainy but yummy paddle

Record cool high temperatures and rain did not stop us from getting out on the river.

Start at 4 PM out at 7 PM

Met a chatty father and son at put in. Water level okay 97 cfs Bark River Road.

We ate tarts from La Baguette on the river, also had Potter’s crackers.

Judy was startled by large jumping catfish. We saw lots of herons, kingfisher, vultures, blue pintail(?) duck, killdeer, mink, cranes – and great danes!

Paddled with CandyCandace and Judy.

Baraboo River Wonewoc


Put-in to Baraboo River at Wonewoc (state road 33 near state road FF) – seem to remember it was a city boat ramp. Paddled upstream 2.5 miles. On river 4pm, off 7pm Home 9pm

The Paddle:

Left Madison at 2:00. On river at 4:00. Upstream approx 2.5 mi. Off river at 7:00.

Lots of maneuvering but OK. Tricky passage under County Rd FF bridge with riffles-stay west. Deb recalls quite a bit of dead-fall and being nervous about the return trip downstream and that we did OK but it would have been scarier if the water had been any higher.

The river was narrow and especially pretty at the point where we turned around. There were some nice sandstone cliff formations after halfway point. Especially pretty on the turn around so it was sad to end there.

We wrote this note: “tricky under bridge/ riffles – stay west”


Lots of heron, evidence of beaver. saw frog and bird with crown and also a large black bird.


521 csf. Median for this day 245 cfs

Info resources:

This trip is a segment of Baraboo River I in Paddling Southern Wisconsin

Prince’s Point meander

Paddled to White Water bridge upstream on Scuppernong, then down Bark river about a mile then back up stream to put in at Prince’s Point.

The river was fairly low. Several dead trees in water to maneuver around. Bark blocked by trees just upstream from put in. Saw one heron, several goldfinches, muskrats, big fish, and loud froggy.

Flow of 46 cfs.
Total time on water 1.75 hours