Ennis Lake 2015

The Setting: Afternoon paddle before Friday evening dinner and Celtic music at More Health Foods in Montello, which is close to Ennis Lake. We carpooled with DD and LN who went for a late afternoon hike around the lake while we paddled.

Put in/Take out: there is a ramp and dock in John Muir Memorial County Park at the west end of the lake.

The Paddle: leisurely one-hour paddle on this serene isolated lake with clear water very sparkly in the late afternoon sun (see video). DD, who had not canoed for years, accepted an invitation to paddle around with Deb for awhile before we packed up and headed for Montello to have dinner and hear Granuaile, a Celtic trio composed of Joy, Linda and Rory. Driving home on this clear night, Venus and Jupiter were visible close together next to the crescent moon.