Bark River in/out at Burnt Village Park

Flow at gauge 05426250 Bark River near Rome: 105 cfs (median ~72 cfs)

Put in/take out: Burnt Village Park, which has a decent concrete ramp and good parking (and, as of summer 2017, a porta-john!)

The trip: In at 3:25 PM, out at 5:30 PM. The weather was cloudy, occasional light sprinkles. Turned around after 3 to 3 1/2 miles upstream. We took a side trip into Whitewater Creek because we were able to get under the footbridge and there were no immediate obstructions. We paddled about a quarter mile up the creek.

Wildlife: saw many heron, an eagle, oriole, swallows, jumping fish, muskrats, turtle, eastern kingbird? Heard an owl, cranes, rooster, peacock, crows and crow babies, frogs and many unidentified birds.