Crawfish River North of I 94.

Flow at Milford gauge 05426000: 650 cfs (median 270 cfs)

Put in/take out: Olson Road 1 mile down stream from Highway 19 bridge. Room to park on the shoulder of a short lane. Easy in/out temperature in the 70s

The trip: In at 4:30 PM downstream for 3.5 miles. Turned around 5:50 PM. Out at 7 PM. Minimal current. Headwind made it hard to paddle downstream at times. Tailwind going upstream helped. River very wide and open. No shade. Big RV park at start. More remote after RV park,and the surroundings look prettier where we turned around.

Wildlife: heron, swallows. On the drive to Watertown to check out a possible put-in (no good prospects), we saw cranes, deer and turkeys in a field.